Water in the garden

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Hidden swimming pool in a pond

Water in the garden : Hidden swimming pool in a pond

It is a pool which has suitable water quantity and quality for swimming, while a part of it is an equipped pond.
Steps of building a ‘swimming-pond’: Planning. Setting proportionately Delve the basis, take samples from the soil. We can set the depth of the pool at this step. If we would like to make island in the pond, leave the ground there. Make concrete basis for the swimming pool, and when it becomes dry, start to build the walls of the pool. The walls should be lower than the future water level by 10 – 15 centimeters. Then we have to make the sealant. In case of smaller ponds (10 – 300 m2) we can order and install the liner. However in case of bigger ponds (300 – 500 m2) we can order the l


Water in the garden

Water in the garden : Water in the garden

The water is the most tempting phenomenon in the garden. It is unique because it reflects the sun’s rays; therefore it has a very important role during the planning, like the house. A well placed swimming pool or pond can incredibly improve the impression of the garden. However a poorly placed water surface can ruin everything; it can become embarrassing or jar with other elements. In smaller gardens we should form small fountains or tiny-bit ponds. The regular geometric shapes are practical, because it is easy to attach them to the house or to a statue by a bridge.
The irregular shaped ponds which imitate natural still waters, require bigger space; therefore in smaller gardens it is not feasible. We have to exactly know what type of water we would like to have: stil


Ponds and pools

Water in the garden : Ponds and pools

There are three groups of ponds, depending on its function. Firstly, there are productive lakes, between 10 and 50 square meters; we raise ornamental fishes in them (goldfish, koi carp). Secondly there are ornamental ponds, between 50 and 100 square meters. They improve the beauty of the garden; they have crystal-clean water with spectacular ornamental fishes, and on the lakeside fastidiously chosen aquatic plants are placed in a natural way. Finally, there are domestic fishing lakes, which are unfortunately rare in Hungary. These lakes can reach the 100 – 1000 m2 extension. They are very important in ecological aspects because they embody a real natural aquatic environment. We can use it to store living fishes as well.

We can delve the basis of these ponds manually


Irrigation system

Water in the garden : Irrigation system

If we decide to establish an automatic irrigation system, we have to make a proportionate draft or have it done by a designer. The most important point is to observe the proper relations. Sign the fence, the entrance, the house and the outbuildings which are shouldn’t be reached by the water. Furthermore sign the plants which are higher than 20 centimeters.

If we would like to use tap-water, firstly we have to measure its priming and runoff. These features determine how many sprinklers are able to work simultaneously. Then we have to sort the sprinklers into groups, and the groups follow each other during the irrigation. If too many sprinklers work simultaneously the water will only flow from the sprinkler, if they can emerge from the ground at all.


Streams, waterfalls, windows in the pond

Water in the garden : Streams, waterfalls, windows in the pond

This article is about outstanding ponds. These specialties make the pond spectacular and their purpose is to decorate, for example streams, fountains. In this case an external filter cleans the water and then forwards it to an ulterior place (through the hidden pipes) where it outcrops as a fountain. From here the water simply flows back into the pond through a gutter or in a pit. Place a lot of aquatic plant so it will be aesthetic.

Take care of the regular water supply because the flowing water and the waterfalls frame a huge evaporation surface. Evolve the waterfalls and the streams unapproachable, for example by setting plants around them. If children will use the waterfall or the stream, we have to form deeper soundings.

The window is a r



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