Terraces, pavilons, roof-gardens, winter gardens

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Winter gardens, hothouses

Terraces, pavilons, roof-gardens, winter gardens : Winter gardens, hothouses

If one would like to build a winter garden which is suitable for residence, or would like to glaze the balcony, then he / she has to request permission from the local government. Ideally there he / she will be informed about the statute. In condominium, the other residents’ permissions are also needed. After we got acquainted with the rules, we can start the building, complying the rules.   Winter garden plans -> First we have to set the place of the winter garden, so we have to think over that for what we are going to use it. For example, if we would like to place plants, it will need a lot of sunshine. So neither tree, nor building should shade the winter garden. The plants need higher temperature and humidity; therefore it is necessary to place indoor water features, f


Terraces, pavilions, pergolas, trellis-work

Terraces, pavilons, roof-gardens, winter gardens : Terraces, pavilions, pergolas, trellis-work

We can establish such buildings almost anywhere in the garden; outlying or central, approachable or secret, visible or sheltered places as well. Who likes to sunbathe, shouldn’t place the buildup in the northern side of the house and in shade. Before planning the locality, discuss the needs of each member of the family. If necessary, we can place more pergola or trellis, and make them comfortable with several accessories.
TIP: We can improve the spirit of the terrace by placing plants around it, especially in tubs. The terraces do not consist just of pavement and furniture, but their surroundings are important as well.

It has advantages and disadvantages. For example a breeze on a hot summer day is favorable, but a draft is undesirable. We enjoy


Roof-gardens, green roofs

Terraces, pavilons, roof-gardens, winter gardens : Roof-gardens, green roofs

Living in town becomes more and unhealthier, because of the concentration of transportation and crowded population. The verdant gardens and yards, especially the roofs and frontages planted with ornamental plants, can improve the town climate; furthermore these phenomena provide thermal protection and sound-proofing.

We can crop the rooftop with almost anything, but between the limits of rationality. For example the wild perennial herbaceous plants (thyme, lavender or carnation) are redolent, but have toxic vapor. Bumblebees, butterflies and ground beetles regard the green rooftop as their territories.
The natural beauty of green rooftops favorably affects humans’ tone and mood, while the rooftops which are covered with bituminous felt, are boring a



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