Rock Garden and garden

The biggest work was the leveling in this garden. The swimming pool in the inside garden covers big surface. The soil – what we have excavated from the place of the pool – supplies the base of the rock garden around the plot.


The tons of stones and planting made up the rest of the landscape architecture work. Thuja emeralds have been planted along the fence, and shrubs and evergreens into the rock garden. As the rock garden’s continuation, we formed flower beds with wood edging. Minden építési munkához segítséget talál a és a kapcsolódó cikkek között. You find help for all of the works between the Trade press and in the related articles.

The result is a modern garden which provides tranquility and relaxation. The shown pictures confirm that our years of maintenance worth the endeavor and time. The images speak for themselves.


A kert érkezésünkkor ( 6 picture )

Az építési folyamat ( 7 picture )

A kert több év távlatából ( 40 picture )

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