Lawn, grass, turf

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Lawn, grass, turf

Lawn, grass, turf : Lawn, grass, turf

The lawn is formed by sowing hayseed and laying turf. If we are lucky and thoughtful, we have to choose between this two method only once in the lifetime of our garden; so calculate the advantages and disadvantages of the methods.
Advantages of sowing hayseed:
It is the cheapest way to form lawn. We save money and energy. There is no need to raise and lay heavy sod. The hayseed keeps its quality for a long time, in contrast with the sod what has to be laid almost immediately. If we choose hayseed, we can wait for the most appropriate sowing-time.

Disadvantages of sowing hayseed:
We have to work the seedbed really carefully and proper, have to clear the area from weed. The recommended months for this work, are the already busy months wh


Garden lighting

Lawn, grass, turf : Garden lighting

Artificial lights enhance the beauty of our garden, even at dusk. Furthermore the lights change the spirit of the garden and the vision of trees, bushes, lawn and rock-gardens. Preferably avoid the equable lighting, and form little flashy islands of light; it makes the garden really romantic. But the safety is all-important. The terrace, the pavilion and the pathway should be lightsome, that we can walk safely in the garden. We can install the moveable lamps anywhere in the garden, while the immovable lamps should be placed near to the pathways, terraces. It is favorable to choose stylish or traditional lamps, in accordance with the style of the house.

Movable illuminators:
KThe movable illuminators are very practical: just stick down it into the ground wherever



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