Paving stone laying – detailed description

Thereinafter we are delineating the process of the implementation of a huge area ground stone covering. The almost 130 square meter wave stone laying requires a high degree of precision. After the rough landscaping, the smooth leveling and the appropriate basis making are indispensable. The largish stones and the construction waste removal happen at this time as well.


Slightly loamy and smooth structured soil is spread to the rough subsoil. By and large with this step the subsequent ground level is determined. After the smaller stones removal we should tamp the ground – usually with the garden (lawn) roller. After the border setout, fill the area with tiny several times shifted gravel. After that we can start to offload the ground stones.


Use spirit-level to form the pavement horizontal plane. Also it is advisable to make a few centimeters slope, having the house on the top. Therefore we prevent the damage what the rain water could cause in the house.

TIP: Use leading thread to shape correct rows and corners. Without it the pattern can easily move away!


Whatever accurate are the wave stones joints, there always be gaps between them which we fill with sand. Go through with a plain broom and adjust the sand into the gaps.

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