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Garden paths, playgrounds : Playgrounds

The garden is a very significant place in the life of the children and they should spend their time here happily and freely. Size their area as large as possible; do not force them into a small sandbox. During the landscaping do not highlight the playground because it has a tumultuous impression. However, do not hide it because we have to keep an eye on the children, so place it near to the window of the kitchen or the sitting-room. The pathway should goes by the playground, but it shouldn’t pass across it. It has two reasons. Firstly it is not recommended to cut across the playground with a concrete path because it is able to cause serious damages. Secondly, we disturb the playing children. It is practical to delimit the playground with shrubs and bushes; pay attention n



Garden paths, playgrounds : Sandbox

Little children like playing in the sandbox. A sunken well ring serves its purpose in a small family garden where only one or two children play in it. The well ring should be 25 – 30 centimeter thick. In case of more children we can make sandbox from floorboard. Count 1 m2 per capita. It is important to smooth the floorboards because the splinters can injure the children. Then place corner posts 50 cm deep. If we are ready, screw on 25 centimeters thick sitting boards. Protect the wood by using Bonomit or linseed-oil varnish. Place bricks or other packing to the bottom of the sandbox, so the children won’t mix the subsoil and the sand. The safest way is to build the sandbox from wood because it causes the minimum injuries.

The sandbox can be made of frost-


Treating garden path

Garden paths, playgrounds : Treating garden path

In practice the function determines the fabrication of the garden path. For instance the main roads, the driveways and the entrance roads have to be especially lasting and strong. Therefore these roads are usually made of concrete and wider than generally.
The garden paths, which don’t have to bear so big pressure, are much easier to put up. These pathways can be narrow and do not require concrete grounding. But without grounding we have to place drainage layer under the pavements, so we have to spread 7 – 8 cm ballast. Thicken this layer with dong or plate tamper.
Before digging we have to decide which kind of grounding we apply.

TIP: Limit the surface of concrete grounding because the concrete sucks the water for months. Therefore th


Pavement of pathway

Garden paths, playgrounds : Pavement of pathway

After digging the grounding we have to choose type of the wrapper. We have to be acquainted with the supply, firstly with the sizes. The colors and the shapes depend on the imagination of the manufacturer.

TIP: Choose the wrapper in accordance with the characteristic if the plot and the used materials.

It is recommended to recess or raise the flagstones; otherwise the lawnmower can cut a piece from the stones and throw it in our face. If we recess the wrappers into ground level, leave 20 – 30 cm space between them and take care of the sequence of the steps. Generally we start on the right foot. The most appropriate wrapper is the flagstone in the garden. Flagstones are available in 40x40 cm and in 60x60 cm size, but we can use chipped stone or ashlar


Wooden garden path

Garden paths, playgrounds : Wooden garden path

  A pretty and impressing wooden wrapper makes a refreshing change between the conventional solid pavements. It is recommended to use lasting wood materials among the lifeless stone and concrete during the landscaping. It is important that the sizes of the wooden elements should befit with the spreading of the garden. In largish gardens wide planks have a good effect, but in smaller gardens it is advisable to lay narrow planks or not so big sliced logs (30 – 40 cm diameter).

We have to take care of the wood’s protection, because it is an organic living material. . Use Bonomit or linseed-oil varnish to protect the wood from the weather and the rot. You can eliminate fungus diseases by using appropriate chemicals.
The different sized boards are


Garden paths

Garden paths, playgrounds : Garden paths

The garden path is a link between the house and the garden. An ugly, boring wrapper can worsen the image of the garden, but a good, stylish pavement is able to contribute to the garden’s favorable impression. The difference does not lie in the packing selection. The way of use counts, whether we lay the wrapper traditionally or we have special requirements. We can combine the different materials as well.
Choose the size and the color of the stones in accordance with the garden’s colors and size. The vivid, high and light colors oppress the green of the plants, but the color of the wrapper will fade in time. The size of the stones depends on the size of the garden. In a small garden, big panels would throw off the harmony. Additionally the smaller stones make easier



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