Landscape architecture

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Partitions, buildings, furnitures

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Landscape architecture : Partitions, buildings, furnitures A lot of people think that the fence only has functional role, for example shielding, hiding. But it is not true. The style of the fence and the house will determinate the style of the garden and the spirit of the terrace, at a later stage. During the garden designing, the gardener takes in account the already existing buildings, pavements, fixed points. At the end it puts out a total, where the applied elements complement each other, and harmonize in color and in impression.
There is a huge supply from fences. The fence’s size, type, material is varied. Be aware of the stock and prices. It is true for the shed as we. The fence’s locality is generally fixed; it is the border-line of the plot. It is practical to place the shed into the angle of the plot; it is n ...

Landscape architecture, two gardens' sample

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Landscape architecture : Landscape architecture, two gardens' sample We are talking about ‘landscape architecture’ when we start the construction, by existing layout. Observe the logical order of the tasks when building a new garden. For instance the greensward laying is always the very last step, because it is forbidden to step on the grass in the first 2 – 3 weeks. So, the first task is to square the surface, to spread organic fertilizers and to form the levels. Then disperse the new soil on the created ‘virgin’ area. Work in the organic fertilizer and nutrients to the ground. During the work, take into account the conditions of the plot. The different levels, terraces and buttresses make the garden really interesting.   After the earthworks, the following steps are the alignment and the excavation of the basis of e.g. path, pav ...

Terraces, pavilons, roof-gardens, winter gardens

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Landscape architecture : Terraces, pavilons, roof-gardens, winter gardens If one would like to build a winter garden which is suitable for residence, or would like to glaze the balcony, then he / she has to request permission from the local government. Ideally there he / she will be informed about the statute. In condominium, the other residents’ permissions are also needed. After we got acquainted with the rules, we can start the building, complying the rules.   Winter garden plans -> First we have to set the place of the winter garden, so we have to think over that for what we are going to use it. For example, if we would like to place plants, it will need a lot of sunshine. So neither tree, nor building should shade the winter garden. The plants need higher temperature and humidity; therefore it is necessary to place indoor water features, f ...

Solutions for level differences

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Landscape architecture : Solutions for level differences During the global landscaping, we cannot ignore the surface and its characteristics. The surface and the landscaping interact, so we have to weigh up that we reform the surface or the concept.
Horizontal and slightly sloping flat surface:
The landscaping is not a hard task, mostly it only needs good eyes. The surface should be 15-30 cm lower than the street level, which means 1 or 2 steps. So we can keep the rainwater and lead it to the garden where it becomes useful. If we form the surface like this, the ground’s impression will be more preferential, it’ll look larger than the reality.

Strongly sloping surface: It is not so easy work, it needs a professional landscape gardener. Before landscaping we have to weigh up the degree of changing ...

Lawn, grass, turf

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Landscape architecture : Lawn, grass, turf The lawn is formed by sowing hayseed and laying turf. If we are lucky and thoughtful, we have to choose between this two method only once in the lifetime of our garden; so calculate the advantages and disadvantages of the methods.
Advantages of sowing hayseed:
It is the cheapest way to form lawn. We save money and energy. There is no need to raise and lay heavy sod. The hayseed keeps its quality for a long time, in contrast with the sod what has to be laid almost immediately. If we choose hayseed, we can wait for the most appropriate sowing-time.

Disadvantages of sowing hayseed:
We have to work the seedbed really carefully and proper, have to clear the area from weed. The recommended months for this work, are the already busy months wh ...

Water in the garden

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Landscape architecture : Water in the garden It is a pool which has suitable water quantity and quality for swimming, while a part of it is an equipped pond.
Steps of building a ‘swimming-pond’: Planning. Setting proportionately Delve the basis, take samples from the soil. We can set the depth of the pool at this step. If we would like to make island in the pond, leave the ground there. Make concrete basis for the swimming pool, and when it becomes dry, start to build the walls of the pool. The walls should be lower than the future water level by 10 – 15 centimeters. Then we have to make the sealant. In case of smaller ponds (10 – 300 m2) we can order and install the liner. However in case of bigger ponds (300 – 500 m2) we can order the l ...

Garden paths, playgrounds

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Landscape architecture : Garden paths, playgrounds The garden is a very significant place in the life of the children and they should spend their time here happily and freely. Size their area as large as possible; do not force them into a small sandbox. During the landscaping do not highlight the playground because it has a tumultuous impression. However, do not hide it because we have to keep an eye on the children, so place it near to the window of the kitchen or the sitting-room. The pathway should goes by the playground, but it shouldn’t pass across it. It has two reasons. Firstly it is not recommended to cut across the playground with a concrete path because it is able to cause serious damages. Secondly, we disturb the playing children. It is practical to delimit the playground with shrubs and bushes; pay attention n ...


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