Landscape architecture, two gardens' sample

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Landscape architecture – two examples

Landscape architecture, two gardens' sample : Landscape architecture – two examples

We are talking about ‘landscape architecture’ when we start the construction, by existing layout. Observe the logical order of the tasks when building a new garden. For instance the greensward laying is always the very last step, because it is forbidden to step on the grass in the first 2 – 3 weeks. So, the first task is to square the surface, to spread organic fertilizers and to form the levels. Then disperse the new soil on the created ‘virgin’ area. Work in the organic fertilizer and nutrients to the ground. During the work, take into account the conditions of the plot. The different levels, terraces and buttresses make the garden really interesting.   After the earthworks, the following steps are the alignment and the excavation of the basis of e.g. path, pav



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