Drainage solutions in the garden

During the landscaping the leveling happens so that the ground slopes from the house into the fence direction. Therefore the big amount of rain doesn’t stagnate in the garden. The water coming from the eaves arrives on river gravels so it doesn’t wash out the soil or the plants.

We have to dig a capacious pit if the rain water arrives from a huge surfaced roof. During the landscaping the ground and the drainage shaping are the most important so these activities have to be the first.

The reed stretch substantially reduces the amount of noise and dust; furthermore it optically makes the garden more closed so it hides the beauty of the garden from the strangers. After leveling and landscaping we have to form the flower beds with flower bed edging and plants. Applying soil mulch is very important because it minimizes the maintenance of the area – covered by ornamentals.

The gravel around the garden hose prevents the pine bark from being washed out and protects the ground from the effluent water’s erosion effect.

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